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From LinkedIn: Im an idealist and crazy inventor who has sworn to a mission. I have spend most of the past 15 years (Im 34) living an alternative life, I still do. In 2009 I quit my job to do something important. I want to make a change in the world. I ended up become an entrepreneur. My current mission is to transform deserted areas of the planet into productive agricultural lands. In other words, feed the planet and bring back bio-diversity through a financially viable business model based on permanently sustainable agriculture. I founded eGro and BushWeb for the purpose. Currently were building organization and researching opportunities. We are still a startup without revenue. eGro is a consultancy on sustainable agriculture in emerging markets. We do R&D in plantcrops for different climates, currently both in Gambia, Ivory Coast and Nepal. BushWeb is a rural communication infrastructure. It is a low-tech wireless local area network, connecting villages to each other. We use it to teach agricultural methods to rural people. We will use cartoon and video tutorials in fieldtraining. Lands that was previously threatened by drought will be re-designed and become rich with rainwater and fertilize the soil through trees and roots. We design a completely self-sufficient ecosystem build for people. I also run an organisation that makes entrepreneurial events for social innovation in national parliament in Denmark. This is called Startup Weekend Borgen. Im involved in a few other stealthy startups, Bookey.co and Orbit.TV, Im an adviser to early stage startups Odd Foods, and Im a strategic advisor to the social innovation incubator at KPH//projects-Københavns Projekthus, one of the most innovative creative workspace in the Nordic countries. Professionally I have worked in the golfing industry and in the fur industry since I was a teenager. In Tuscany we developing a golfcourse and later excelled in training a team of greenkeepers in Copenhagen, Denmark.




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